Artisan Dental believes that the best treatment comes with close communication between our professional team and clients. To ensure the most appropriate treatment, our team would keep you informed of the possible treatment options after the comprehensive dental examination. We promise to work closely with you along the journey to the perfect smile.

Relevant referrals to specialists with corresponding expertise would be made upon need to facilitate timely and optimal treatment. Please rest assured that all instruments and equipment are adequately disinfected according to standard protocol.


Community Care Fund & Health Care Voucher

Artisan Dental will provide the “Community Care Fund” and “Health Care Voucher” assistance for needy.


As our name implies, Artisan Dental strives to provide exceptional quality dental care to the general public in Hong Kong. We are a compassionate and professional team committed to excellence in everything we do.

With the guiding philosophy of client-centered care, our team designs treatment plans tailored to each client’s individual dental needs. We pay attention to details and are dedicated to ensure a relaxing and comfortable experience at your every visit. Prevention is always better than cure. At Artisan Dental, we focus on prevention and early detection of dental problems. To safeguard your health and smile, we offer a variety of treatment options for different oral health problems. Our state-of-the-art dental equipment also ensures precise diagnosis and effective treatment outcomes. Artisan Dental looks forward to the opportunity to care for you.

Dr. Tse Tak Fai, Dennis


Dr. Tse graduated from The University of Hong Kong with the Bachelor Degree of Dental Surgery. He advocates the utilization of advanced technology to provide effective and long-lasting dental treatments. In addition to the Artisan Dental Clinic in Mei Foo, Dr. Tse also provides dental care service at the Prosmile Dental Clinic in Tsing Yi.